The Energy Solution Hub
of Southwest Africa.

Welcome to Sercomoil Group, your strategic partner in transforming strategies into innovative, competitive, and sustainable projects.

About Us

We collaborate with our clients and transform their strategies into various projects and processes, making them safe, competitive, and sustainable. We aim to be the international hub of solutions for various areas and companies in the oil and gas sector on the southwest coast of Africa.

We are the international hub for customized solutions for the energy in the southwest coast of Africa. Providing services and networking between companies, collaborating with key players for our continuous improvement and community development.

Our Values

Creativity | Agility | Sustainability | Safety | Diversity | Respect | Regionalism | Adaptability | Technology | Excellence | Humanization

Our Services

I&E Construction

We provide a full range of Electrical/ Instrument services including engineering design, programming, fabrication, testing, installation, commissioning, projects start-up, and maintenance of different power systems, pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, electrical and logic control systems.

Staffing Solutions
and HR – Manpower

We have been operating with very experienced people in this industry and we SERCOMOIL understand the need of reliable personnel solutions that are cost-effective and efficient, we proven track record with Chevron subsea engineering/huge experience with Capital Outsourcing group – managed interview campaign of more than 500 candidates.

SERCOMOIL is well established in Angola and opening new offices in Mauritius as well as operational Offices in Luanda and satellite office in South Africa - From Payroll Management to the development of Local content plans and expertise in HR related issues, to mass staff recruiting /headhunting to dealing with the UNIONS, to wage negotiations, etc.

We offer our clients a wide range of solutions that increase the actual level of client provider relationship that exists today in the Angolan Market and internationally as we do not only supply personnel, but we actively manage all our personnel in an active way to ensure that the workers turn up for work and remain dependable.

Fire & Gas systems
and automation

· We provide fire and gas safety systems services for different sectors and our aim is to be leading company of Fire & Gas in Angola market and SASBU by providing engineering services of electronic fire and gas systems to the oil & gas industry, petrochemical and refineries.
· Fire Gas Detection
· Fire Suppression
· General Alarm
· Public Address
· Automation

www.industrialsafetysystemsllc.com a Fire & Gas Detection leading company with vast experience and years of existence, helps us to support any project related to this segment in conjunction with our well trained local technicians and Engineers.

Lifting /Elevator and
Escalator Inspections,
Certification, and Maintenance

SERCOMOIL has a proven tracking record in repair/troubleshoot/certification and inspection of Chevron Sanha FPSO lift and some other clients.

ICCP- Cathodic
Protection Engineering
In partnership with
Isinyithi Holdinga south African leading company in the ICCP

Sercomoil together with its strategic partner work with Cathodic protection services in the Oil and Gas Industry. We have extensive experience in the design of CP systems and using this technology for the external protection of buried pipelines, flat bottom tanks, buried tanks, offshore gas and oil platforms, inside of water tanks, pipelines and condensers, settling tank rake arms, reinforcing steel in concrete structures, ships and many other novel applications With a proven track record of our involvement with oil majors such as Chevron in Angola and PlusPetrol we show our ability to provide the right people and solutions. .

We are a third party in general procurement, supporting companies on material provision to the projects that we lead, and any other request received by our valued clients. The footprint outside Angola made it easier for us to operate against RFQ’s based on international products as and when needed.

Our approach is to make your work easier by taking the procurement constraints into our system and providing the correct products with acceptable lead time and competitive cost.

General Procurement


We have a number of agreements with companies that have the necessary support documentation and systems in place to provide the basic support services internationally. We integrate into their model and provide the local procurement structure for the following companies:

The Energy Solution Hub of Southwest Africa

The Energy Solution Hub of Southwest Africa

Our commitment goes beyond providing services. We operate internationally, valuing the richness of different cultures. We believe in the power of people to overcome obstacles and see challenges as genuine opportunities for growth.

We transform strategies into innovative, safe, competitive, and sustainable projects and processes. We are the international hub of solutions, focusing our efforts on various areas of the oil and gas sector on the southwest coast of Africa.

We embrace diversity as a fundamental asset. We see challenges not as obstacles but as a path to success. In every problem, we identify an opportunity for growth, innovation, and evolution.

We seek excellence in every aspect; our solutions not only meet current standards but are also aligned with future needs. We will develop the local community, promoting progress and modernization for everyone around us.
These are the pillars to build a promising and sustainable future. Together, we go beyond borders, creating a new collaborative culture that will help shape the new generations.

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